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One in three Britons fear they will be unable to keep up with housing costs

24 Jun

We’ll be blogging more about housing issues, the fallout of the bedroom tax, the steep rise in homelessness (and the measures that have and will undoubtedly cause more, such as the criminalisation of squatting) and the despicable treatment of those same homeless people. Here’s an excellent post in the meantime from Street Democracy on the human costs of hyper capitalism and austerity in terms of housing.

Street Democracy - where it should reach - Our Streets!

More than 10 million people fear they will fall behind with rent or mortgage payments in 2014 by Liam Kelly Saturday 22 June 2013


One in three Britons fear they will struggle to afford their housing costs next year as rising rents and living costs as well as welfare reforms take their toll on people struggling to pay their bills.

The research, conducted by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and Ipsos Mori, found 10.3 million people were worried about meeting their housing costs in 2014 – a year-on-year increase of 43%. The research also found that more than 11 million people said their concerns about housing costs were causing them stress.

Street Democracy writes: Why does it cost so much just to have a roof over your head again? It is outrageous how peace loving people by an economic slow strangulation are forced into handing over all monies they…

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