An update and apology

17 Nov

I have just checked this site for the first time in over 2 years.  Laurie and I stopped updating it for different reasons; she because she became too busy with many competing activist and social justice roles and myself because of my own struggles with mental health and because it became too painful and difficult to constantly read and write about these issues which were so personal and close to the bone; activist burnout, basically.  I’m still suffering from the cuts though; I lost £180 a month when transferring from DLA to PIP, and the subsequent appeal drove me to the brink of suicide.

I was so sorry to see the messages that had come in after we had unofficially retired the site, from desperate people, which went unanswered.  I hope you managed to find the help you needed from the bottom of my heart.  I do not plan to resurrect this site for the reasons stated, and much of the information is undoubtedly now outdated, but there is a great deal of help and support out there.  I particularly recommend the excellent and there are also many wonderful local services.  I had a bad experience with welfare rights this time around – they got so many details wrong on my submission it was not able to be used on the day – but that’s not to say there aren’t still many, many wonderful and caring people working there.  If you are local to my area of Lancaster and Morecambe, and Here to Support (01524 700012) who specialise in PIP claims, do wonderful work.

Thank you all for your kind comments and feedback, don’t give up, I’ll be thinking of you.



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