Nazi Germany vs. Modern Britain: Some Similarities That Should Disturb You

28 Jun

Our thoughts exactly . . . sobering reading. We need to be aware, but as always, we need to take courage. People ARE waking up. For example, here’s a REALLY useful blog I just discovered: They cover loans and the new STBAs (short term benefit advances), which many are entitled to but the DWP don’t shout about (because as we know they are bastards, with the odd idividual noble exception I’ve heard of). I’d urge you to check it out if you are in financial crisis or experiencing delays; they are also looking for reporters if you’d like to get involved. As, indeed, are we! I will shortly be taking a sabbatical, so to speak, for the sake of my worsening mental health (being made abject and worthless in the media every day, and hearing every day about the demonisation, exploitation, subjugation and totally unnecessary destitution of fellow struggling beings due to the Self Servatives punishing the poor to protect the interests of the rich – identical to their own, conveniently, what with them all being public school bred millionaires – can do that). Laurie will still be here, and my wonderful other half and carer is planning some guest posts, but as we know, sadly there’s more claimant victimisation – on a daily, seems like hourly basis – than two or three people can keep up with, so if you’ve got a burning passion to fight these injustices and would like to contribute, drop us a line at or tweet us @KickingToryAss. Love and solidarity xxx

Scriptonite Daily


There has been a digging away at the core principles of Britain’s system of Law and Justice over the last decade which threatens to undermine it entirely. Today, we look at key changes in pre war Nazi Germany which saw the Nazification of Germany’s nation of Laws, and corresponding changes in the British justice system today.

We need to acknowledge the warning signs and uproot this resurgent fascism while it’s still a sapling, or we’ll be hacking away impotently at a mighty oak before we know it.

Godwin’s Law? Oh Give it Up


No doubt someone is already preparing a comment accusing me of Godwin’s Law for making this comparison.  So I’ll take a moment to set out why I am making it, and why it does not conform to the term.

Godwin’s Law was intended to highlight the sort of ‘Little Hitler’ comparisons to the Third Reich.

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