Are You Being Libelled By Your Landlord? The Vile Website Every Tenant Should Be Aware Of

28 Jun

This is an absolute disgrace . . . I urge you to tell everyone you know about this, and to tweet the bastard, and to write to your MP, and generally make a big noise; with homelessness on the rise, the criminalisation of squatting, the bedroom tax, the odds are stacked against tenants – but this behaviour, as Johnny Void points out, is of highly dubious legality. Know your rights, then shout about them!

the void

paul-routledgeWith more people forced to rent than ever before and demand for properties soaring, landlords are looking for ever more ways to increase profits at the expense of struggling tenants.

One example of this is  This is a website used by landlords to share information about people they consider bad tenants.  This does not just mean tenants who may have struggled to pay the rent at some point, but those with a ‘lifestyle’ which is not ‘decent’.

As well as providing the kind of information which might usually be expected in a credit check – in itself a recipe for mass homelessness as hundreds of thousands of the poorest people have bad credit – the website also boast they can provide information on a tenant’s ‘lifestyle’.  This means that for just a small fee landlords can access information on not just a tenant’s employment or financial circumstances, but…

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