Let’s make abuse of power a crime and Lord Freud the first to be prosecuted

21 Jun

There’s a facebook meme with a picture of Lord Freud next to the caption ‘the banality of evil’. And he really is. If you can make it to this to lobby him and the private landlords who will cream off the wealth from the bedroom tax (because there are not enough one bedroom social housing properties for people to go to; thanks for nothing Thatcher), please do: http://www.nobedroomtax.co.uk/2-general/52-housing-2013-press-release
Love and solidarity xxx

Mike Sivier's blog

Lord David Fraud – sorry, Freud. That was a Freudian slip – the man who said “People who are poorer should be prepared to take the biggest risks; they’ve got least to lose”, has been at it again.

According to Inside Housing this man, whose principles allowed him to take Labour’s money and provide that government with his duff advice before running off to join the Tories as soon as it looked as though they would be in office after the 2010 election, wants to bully councils out of an entirely legal way to help their tenants avoid paying the punitive and unfair bedroom tax.

The tax, as we all should know by now, affects people living in social rented accommodation with more bedrooms – as defined by the rent agreement (if I recall correctly) – than the government last year arbitarily decided they need. The options are to give up…

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