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8 May

Hi dear readers, and as always, love and solidarity.

We have a big piece on DLA and the transition to PIP coming up, as we realise this is a source of great anxiety for many (including myself – Michelle).  However we must ensure that piece is thoroughly researched and triple checked, as it is not too dramatic to say these changes may cost lives as we have already seen with ESA.  That said we believe as always there is cause for optimism (especially for existing DLA claimants) and rest assured we will be leaving no stone unturned in the search for lovely loopholes.

In the meantime, we have collected many files and websites in the cause of defending ourselves and hopefully you our readership from the Tories’ and DWP’s social cleansing programme and so we thought we’d share some of them with you now.

ESA claims on health grounds info

This is just a very comprehensive guide to claiming ESA on physical health grounds.  Obviously we did a long post on ESA, and this too is a whopper, but with ESA knowledge is so important because it’s a fiendish concoction of bellendry and designed to trip people up.

SAR_s Draft Letter

This is a template letter.  For anyone claiming ESA who believes Atos and the DWP have lied and distorted about their condition (that’ll be everyone then), this is a really useful model of a Freedom of Information request and they legally do have to then supply this information, which you can then hopefully use to get everything you are entitled to.

DWP Chief Executive Complaints

This is just a guide to how to complain and your rights in doing so; useful as sadly there is a very great deal to complain about.

Extra Help Ideas You May Not Know About

This very useful document contains details of grants, benefits and legal advice and how to get alternative temporary accommodation (and the ‘pocket money’ part is not some dodgy homeworker scam, it’s just about doing online surveys which is above board, my own lovely Fantastic Mr Fox does it now and again!)

How to answer DLA questions

This is a really useful guide.  Obviously DLA is transitioning to PIP for new claims, and we’ll as promised be bringing you all the salient information on how to navigate the changes, however we feel this guide is a really valuable resource for any type of disability benefit whether ESA, DLA or PIP, because there are specific ways you have to word things and unfortunately DWP medicals are often more like a very unpleasant interrogation designed expressly to try and trip people up and catch them out, rather than having anything to do with medical ‘care’ in the sense decent people would understand it.

We’ll be putting together some more web based resources soon and sharing them with you, and obviously the DLA/PIP post is upcoming.   Till then dear friends, we stand with you; we are always here fighting alongside you; and if ever you need help or things become too much, ANY of our readers can contact us at and we will ALWAYS respond and try to help.

With love

Michelle La Guilla and Laurie AntiTory