When all else fails, write to the Queen declaring your lawful rebellion

23 Mar


I’m no fan of the Royals.  I haven’t canvassed Laurie on this, but I suspect, being a kickass campaigner for social justice, she feels the same.  (NB Laurie: if you don’t and are a secret ardent royalist, my apologies).  However, the institutions of hereditary power and privilege, can and should occasionally be turned to our advantage.  A lovely example of this is in the Servitude Legal Complaint against workfare (referenced in the post ‘There’s Nothing Fair About Workfare, but what the hell, I’ll link to it again, and don’t say I never give you anything): http://www.servitudecomplaint.org.uk/

Appendix Three of this excellently comprehensive document details how New Labour bodged House of Lords reform with specific regard to hereditary peers.  I don’t pretend to understand the legal terminology – and any legal eagle readers please do check it over to see if it stands up to proper hawkeyed legal scrutiny – but the rather wonderful upshot seems to be that no Act of Parliament since is legally valid.  Now I’m sure you can see what I’m driving at: I am no fan of hereditary privilege in any form, including peerages.  It just doesn’t sit well with me, not least because a Lord’s daily expense allowance just for turning up is in the region of double a week’s Jobseeker’s Allowance.  Who are you calling scrounger, again?  However, if this jawdropping apparent failure of the Blair government to not cock it up is genuine, all the Con Dem ‘reforms’ – the ones that have spread misery beyond measure, created a poisonous climate of defamation to justify it, and resulted in 10,600 deaths and counting – would be legally null and void.  Of course legality and morality can be mutually exclusive, and illegality or otherwise will not bring back the dead.  However, legal knowledge and small acts of dissent can empower those of us who may not be able to engage in street protest or direct action; in my case due to severe anxiety, in others to disability or being housebound.  The action I’m sharing with you here is of course not going to make the Queen suddenly say, ‘Goodness me, how terrible, I shall sack that naughty government forthwith!’ but to me that’s not the point.  When I was housebound and suicidal late last year and felt so powerless against the hounding of the DWP and Atos, signing petitions online was the best I could do, and I’m not politically naive enough to think that alone will be enough to change the balance of power relations or make a better world; but it comforted me to feel I was doing something, anything, to say ‘This is not all right with me’, to say ‘Not in my name’.

So thanks to the lovely lady who shared the following letter, invoking the Magna Carta and the right of citizens to enter into a state of lawful rebellion under an unjust government.   Send to Her Majesty The Queen, Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA.  Let’s inundate the Palace and invoke the Monarch’s protection; failing that, we have declared our lawful revolt 🙂


I am officially declaring myself under a state of lawful revolution under article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 AD

Under article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 (the founding document of our UK Constitution) we have a right to enter into lawful rebellion if we feel we are being governed unjustly. Contrary to common belief our Sovereign and her government are only there to govern us and not to rule us and this must be done within the constraint of our Common Law and the freedoms asserted to us by such Law, nothing can become law in this country if it falls outside of this simple constraint.

[History of Magna Carta]
Magna Carta was the result of the Angevin king’s disastrous foreign policy and overzealous financial administration. John had suffered a staggering blow the previous year, having lost an important battle to King Philip II at Bouvines and with it all hope of regaining the French lands he had inherited. When the defeated John returned from the Continent, he attempted to rebuild his coffers by demanding scutage (a fee paid in lieu of military service) from the barons who had not joined his war with Philip.
[End of history]

Our entire political and legal system is now acting in violation of these rights, article 61 shows quite clearly who really holds the power in this country, that being quite simply us the people; we have Sovereignty not any Parliament and nor can this be taken from us by any Parliament who claim to have taken the people’s Sovereignty. As defined above any act passed by a Parliament to remove the power the people possess, or to remove the power from the point of constraint we invested the power in, is invalid as it falls outside of the constraint laid down by Common/Constitutional Law.
This is a simple safeguard put in place to protect our freedoms under said law and to never allow such freedoms to be removed or diminished. So in reality any Act, Statute and subsequent law or legislation formed by these actions, that effects our freedoms asserted to us, is quite evidently unjust, invalid and most certainly illegal.
By invoking article 61 we are quite clearly stating that we feel we are being governed unjustly and after giving the head of state (Her Majesty) 40 days to correct this, if this is not corrected, then we can simply enter into lawful rebellion and we do this under the full protection of our Constitutional Law.

Lawful rebellion allows quite simply for the following recourse;
(o) Full refusal to pay any forms of Tax, Fines and any other forms of monies to support and/or benefit said unlawful governance of this country.
(o) Full refusal to abide by any Law, Legislation or Statutory Instrument invalidly put in place by said unlawful governance that is in breech of the Constitutional safeguard.
(o) To hinder in any way possible all actions of the treasonous government of this land, who have breached the Constitutional safeguard; defined with no form of violence in anyway, just lawful hindrance under freedom asserted by Constitutional Law and Article 61.

Above are listed the three main ways we can as a people rely upon article 61 and what this allows for. The British people were given over 700 years ago a Law to use as there recourse when faced with either a Parliamentary dictatorship, or a Sovereign trying to rule by Divine Right, which amounts to the same thing. We have a right, and a birth right at that, to be governed properly under our birth right law and no other and certainly not by laws introduced on the pretence of being British Law, when in fact all laws passed since 1973 have been European laws in the guise of British law. We have a right to freedom within our true law and no Parliament can remove this for they were not present in its implementation nor did it need any Parliament, or any Parliament involvement, this was quite simply a deal struck between the people and a Sovereign, a deal which can never be broken.

In order to detach yourself from society, it is vitally important that you have officially revoked the your consent to be governed and have entered into lawful rebellion.
We all know that should a significant portion of us manage successfully to live outside their system that the government will seek to regain control over us by any means it deems necessary and it will quote law (statute law) to justify itself.
For those who have revoked their consent to be governed according to article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 there can be no such justification, it would be like a store manager of Tesco’s trying to enforce a company rule from the employee’s handbook on a passing Traffic Warden, however, if you do happen to work for Tesco’s then those rules are law and Tesco’s can insist that you follow them or take action against you.
Similarly, if you have not officially entered into lawful rebellion then the government will demand that you conform to its rules and feel justified in taking action against you if you do not follow them.


To officially enter into a state of lawful rebellion send this letter guaranteed and recorded delivery to:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA


1st line of address
2nd line of address
[Date of postage]


I am [first name] of the family [surname], It upsets me to inform you that I can no longer accept being governed in direct violation of the common law rights.
As this is the case I am asking you under Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215AD to remedy this situation and return us to a state of common law in our legal system and to remove the politicians that are directly violating common law by allowing and passing acts under the pretence of law in this country.
I respectfully state that if this matter is not corrected in 40 days, the time limit set down by Article 61, then it is my legal duty as a freeman in this country to enter into a state of lawful rebellion.
I hope this matter can be resolved and I humbly request that all correspondence related to this matter be made in writing to the address marked at the top of this letter only.

With respect and the honour of England
[First name] of the family [Surname]

With thanks to the lady who shared this, if you’re reading you know who you are 🙂


9 Responses to “When all else fails, write to the Queen declaring your lawful rebellion”

  1. rainbowwarriorlizzie April 7, 2013 at 8:40 am #

    Reblogged this on HUMAN RIGHTS & POLITICAL JOURNAL and commented:
    In Solidarity!

  2. rainbowwarriorlizzie April 7, 2013 at 9:10 am #

    Oh Lordy, Michelle, our minds are on the same track, sister in solidarity 🙂 As myfiance n I were discussing this about the royals and how last year when our lovely lady Queen Elizabeth II was invited to the workings of Con Dem HQ and either was duped into thiking eerything is as it should, how further from the truth that be. We have been wandering how to compile a letter of revolt to her agesty, to question her toughts and bring to awareness of the state of this broken britain her beloed country, and how ger government has brought this country to its knees and caused cruel and unjust death to the thousands upon thousands of the countries sick n disabled, desomated the economy. For I a not a royalist but surely if our magesty knew of what the truth of the matter is, would she allow this to happen? Indeed! With is in mind I thank you sister in solidarity for your valuable knowledge ad wisdom through your own experiences God Bless. And for giving hope in light where there is darkness, a warrior true you be, I stand with thee. Sending Prayers, Peace Love n warm huggggs to All in Solidarity. 🙂

    • kickingtoryassonwelfare April 7, 2013 at 12:11 pm #

      Thank you for your kind words Lizzie. I personally have very little faith in the royals sadly, but I posted this because I believe in the value of small acts of dissent in and of themselves, I myself can no longer engage in street protest and direct action due to mental health problems and this is the same for many vulnerable and marginalised people and for many disabled people. Therefore I use my writing to dissent and try and help others and I’m so glad it resonates with you. Thank you for the messages and for reblogging, and sending love and solidarity ❤

  3. rainbowwarriorlizzie April 7, 2013 at 10:16 am #

    Yes indeed, blessings and a massive thank you to the lady who shared this. This is has to be next plan of action lawful revolt n rebellion. Blessings, Prayers, Love In Solidarity! 🙂

  4. AndyCFC April 25, 2013 at 7:07 pm #

    Oh dear can you please check on your sources before spouting right wing conspiracy theory nonsense (you probably dont realise it is libertarian rubbish) the only articles left of the magna carta are 1,9 & 29. Rationalwiki is your friend http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Freeman_on_the_land


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